GPS: 33 deg 57’ 01.48” S  -  22 deg 39’ 42.65” E


From George:

  • Follow the N2 highway eastwards towards Sedgefield and Knysna.
  • Pass the turnoff to Wilderness (to your left).
  • Drive about 3.4 km and turn left to Hoekwil.

From Knysna:

  • Follow the N2 highway westwards towards George.
  • Pass the turnoff to Kleinkrans (to your right).
  • Drive about 3.4 km and turn right to Hoekwil.

Once you’re on the road to Hoekwil:

  • Keep on the Tar Road for 13.5 kilometers (13.5 kms' from N2 to Mandalay Farm / 7 Passes Camp)